Sit Back and Relax: Stylish Garden Seating Sit Back and Relax: Stylish Garden Seating

Now that you've designed, planted, weeded and watered, you need to kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. And while you're at it, invite some of your family and friends over to witness the beauty of your garden. Of course, you'll need some seating when you do this kind of backyard entertaining. The following article offers stylish ideas in garden seating that will enhance your landscape for you and your company.

There are probably as many different takes on the garden bench these days as there are flowers in your yard. Not only does the typical garden bench come in many materials, like stone, wood and metal - it can be designed nearly anyway to suit your needs. The simplest style, of course, is a plank attached to four legs. This is the rustic type, and it can be painted or left au natural. These simple pieces of furniture will accommodate both guests and containers of your favorite plants. These are perfect for country cottage gardens, and you can find them in garden centers and flea markets alike.

But for a bench upgrade, consider models with basket-weaved backs for greater comfort or even a cabinet built into the base to hide a pretty cushion to pull out when needed. Stone benches installed near a water element or in some spot offering a choice view of the garden will be greatly appreciated by guests as they wander around your yard. Stone can be left rustic, but it may also be carved into something rather formal for a more stately look Stone will endure weather conditions better than wood too. Moss-covered stone benches provide great appeal and blend rather well into most garden surroundings.

Metal benches are also able to withstand weather conditions well if left outdoors. These may be ornate in the Victorian style or relatively simple. Sets of these seats look particularly nice in a garden setting left in their natural state but may easily be painted to suit your patio or deck. A nice set of black wrought iron benches set amongst strands of entwining vines adds a touch of romance to any setting.

If you do lots of garden entertaining, than you may want to consider more elaborate seating arrangements. Longer benches with arms and backs as well as benches that encircle some of your trees may be the way to go. If you have a deck, consider a matching set of chairs and tables that can be purchased at your local garden center. Consider an old fashioned covered glider set in a quaint shady spot or a an antique rocker for the back porch. Vintage seating is ever-stylish and also reflects your own special tastes. Of course, even picnic benches can be repainted for a chic garden look.

Wicker seats are still used in many gardens today - from big palmetto style chairs to sleek little rockers, wicker can be painted or left as is. Wicker is light so it may not be hardy enough to be kept outdoors, but it will always be a welcome addition to screened in porches where it will never go out of style.

Since company often includes children, there are many kinds of swings to choose from. From large stand-alone models to simple swings for the tree, everyone likes to swing from time to time and there are lots of styles to choose from out there.

And for those days when you simply need a rest from all the work you’ve done in your garden, why not incorporate a hammock into your garden? Again, these can be purchased with their own frames or they can be swung between a couple of strong trees. With the right choice of fabric, you can be sipping a glass of lemonade and enjoying the fragrances of your summer garden.

No matter what your style - even if it's as plain and simple as white plastic lawn chairs - garden seating will allow you to bring any get-together outdoors. For Oriental gardens, consider large flattened stones; these will allow people to have a rest and will perfectly blend into their natural surroundings. For more seating ideas, visit your online garden store or local garden center.

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