Gas Broiler

With a wide, durable exterior design, multiple burners and a high BTU output, a gas broiler is a mainstay of any restaurant. For home use as well, gas broilers make great backyard additions and can be used in place of a standard grill. Commercial units differ widely from consumer models in terms of price and design. Commercial gas broilers, when used indoors, must be vented, whereas home models used outdoors do not. Additionally, home gas cooktops can be converted into a broiler with a relatively inexpensive replacement top.

Commercial Gas Broilers

Costing anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 or more depending on the model, commercial gas broilers feature heavy-gauge stainless steel exterior components, a welded chassis and a durable structural steel interior. With multiple burners, each individually controlled, gas broilers commonly feature angled cast iron grates to drain grease more effectively, allow for fast and slower cooking and give food the characteristic charred look. Crumb trays and grease troughs are removable for quick cleaning, as are the grills and burners themselves.


Features of gas broilers include stainless steel burners, a multi-position cooking grid and rugged splatter guards. Adjustable legs, electronic ignition and LP conversion kit are standard on most models. Sizes range from 24 to 84 inches in width, which is deal for accommodating restaurants of various levels of volume.