Gas Cooker

While most countertop appliances are electric powered, a gas cooker is commonly used for portability, such as when camping, fishing or for outdoor parties. Portable gas cookers rely on a propane connection for their fuel, whereas in-kitchen units are most commonly hooked up to the building's gas line. Gas cookers used commercially include large-capacity rice cookers, conveyor broilers and other ovens. While commercial gas-powered rice cookers cost around $400 and larger ovens and cookers can cost several thousands of dollars, consumer-grade outdoor gas cookers are readily available for less than $100.

Portable Gas Cookers

Jet cookers are one type of gas cooker that can be taken anywhere. Consisting of a sturdy, welded steel frame with a burner attached, jet cookers are a fast and easy way to deep fry fish, chicken or just about anything else. Simply hook up the valve assembly to a tank of propane and set the cooker to work. Home or portable gas cookers, unless vented, must be used outdoors due to the carbon monoxide emissions.


Like other portable and countertop appliances, gas cookers feature push start controls, electronic ignition, stainless steel decorative elements and a durable frame. Gas rice cookers feature a cook and hold operation and commonly have a capacity of up to 100 cups for large-scale use.