Gas Deep Fryers

With the exception of commercial units which are fully vented, consumer model gas deep fryers are intended only for outdoor use. Fueled by propane and ruggedly built, gas deep fryers can be taken camping, hunting or simply used in the backyard. Constructed from a variety a metals, including aluminum and steel, gas deep fryers can be used not only to cook large meals, such as a full turkey or chicken, but the big stockpots can be filled with water and used to steam or boil seafood or other foods. 


Gas deep fryers are produced by manufacturers like Brinkmann, Bayou Classic and King Kooker. Averaging $75 to $200 in price, gas deep fryers consist of a large stockpot, commonly 30 or 32 quarts, a cast iron burner with an attached gas line and regulator and a welded or galvanized steel frame. Smaller stockpots are available for steaming or boiling, while the big pots are great for frying whole turkeys during the holidays. 


The aluminum or stainless steel stockpot features a vented lid, while the gas line hose may be braided with stainless steel for added durability. A 10 psi regulator is common to control the gas pressure. Accessories useful for frying and steaming include a poultry rack and steam basket, while a thermometer, grab hook and injector fill out the package.