Gas Fireplace Safety Tips for Families

Gas fireplace safety is important to undertand in general but especially when you have small children or pets. Below are some tips to remember in order to keep your family safe around your gas fireplace.

Eliminate the Fuel in Dormant Seasons

You probably won't use your gas fireplace when the weather is more humid or hot, so ensure that you flip the off switch to the gas. This will help keep your fireplace in good shape as well as your energy costs down. Plus, you will not have to worry about the occurrence of a gas leak, which could be potentially hazardous to your families' health.

Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detector

It is vital that you make sure that your carbon monoxide detector is always on and functioning properly.  Replace the batteries frequently and conduct tests on your detector. Gas fireplaces do emit a small amount of carbon monoxide and you want to be sure that it is kept in check to protect your family.

Clean the Fans

Air circulation is key when it comes to your fireplace, so make sure that you take the time to clean out the fans. You will also want to clean the ventilation systems. Clean air ensure the optimal safety and health for your family and pets.

Call a Technician for Repairs

Many people take it upon themselves to fix any issues that their fireplace. However, if it is more than a cleaning or lighting the pilot issue, you should call a qualified technician to come over and take a look. The technician has more experience in repairing the fireplace and can very likely fix the issue quickly.