Gas Furnace Replacement

A gas furnace replacement should be considered if the furnace is not working properly. Replacing a furnace involves understanding the process for knowing when a replacement should take place and contacting the right contractor to conduct the replacement.

Determine if the Age of Your Furnace is “Too Old”

Before you actually replace the furnace in your home make sure you have it checked out thoroughly by a qualified technician. There is a feeling that a gas furnace that is 25 years or older is due to be replaced. If the furnace is not showing any signs of breaking down or working improperly, it may not be necessary to replace the furnace. A regular annual maintenance schedule by a qualified technician can determine how well the furnace is functioning and help you decide whether or not it makes sense to investigate its replacement with a newer model.

Replacing a Furnace

If you happen to live in a cold climate region of the country, it is not necessary to purchase a heat pump with an electric furnace. The heat pump works in air temperatures of up to 20 degrees. If the temperature falls into the teens and lower, you will need to switch the thermostat to an emergency heat setting in order to engage the furnace. This can become a costly act. Staying with the gas furnace over the electric heater is your best bet for the replacement.

Get Information on the Gas Furnace You are Considering

Before you consider the purchase of a replacement gas furnace you should read up on available third-party information that is available on a specific model. Information sources such as Consumer Reports can provide you with a wealth of information about the types of gas furnaces on the market. Having this information will allow you to know what to ask for when speaking with a sales representative as well as making sure that you request the specific type of has furnace that you are looking to buy as oppose to t he one the sales representative is trying to sell you.

Contacting a Sales Representative

The replacement of your gas furnace may qualify you for one of many energy credits being offered by the United States government. These credits are designed to encourage home owners to replace older inefficient gas furnaces with more energy efficient models.

Contacting a sales representative with a gas furnace company may provide you with information about the energy efficient newer models that are designed to save you money on your energy costs and qualify for a energy credit, if available.

Determine the Cost of the Replacement

When considering the replacement of the gas furnace, you should not base your purchase decision on the unit cost of the furnace. You should consider buying the replacement based on the cost to generate heat, as measured by BTUs or British Thermal Units. This measurement should be based on the delivery of heat throughout the home.