Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Although louder and limited to outdoor use, a gas powered pressure washer typically features a higher max PSI and flow rate than an electric pressure washer. In addition, the portability of a gas-powered washer allows the operator to move around without a power cord to consider. Most commonly put to use in commercial or industrial applications, gas powered pressure washers are durably built with an all-steel frame, heavy-duty pneumatic tires and a direct drive pump. 

Tool Specifications

Since gas powered pressure washers are most often used professionally, they need to be powerful. On the low end, gas powered units come with a max PSI of around 1800. More powerful tools feature 3000 to 4000 max PSI, while some can pressurize water up to 5000 PSI. Flow rate in gallons per minute ranges from 1.8 to 8.0. Some machines such as the Powerhorse 208cc, 2.5 GPM unit feature a low oil shut-down, adjustable pressure on the pump and a chemical injector for tougher cleaning jobs. 


Included with most gas powered pressure washers are several different accessories. In addition, pressure washers often come with a 25- to 50-foot braided wire-wrapped hose, an extension lance and/or spray gun and one or more attachment nozzles designed specifically for angled jets, detergent or chemical applications.