Gas Refrigerator Repair Tips

Gas refrigerators operate on hydrogen gas and a solution made up of ammonia and water. Because of these chemicals, you should always consult with a professional before doing your own gas refrigerator repair. Here are some tips to safely repair your gas refrigerator.

What Causes Gas Refrigerators to Stop Working Properly?

Leaking gas refrigerators are usually caused by corrosion or rust on the pipes.  In a gas refrigerator, the pipes are made of steel, not copper like an electric refrigerator.  You will know you have a leak with a gas refrigerator if you smell ammonia coming from the fridge.  The leak will eventually prevent the refrigerator from cooling properly.

Safety Tips

Always turn off the gas before beginning a gas refrigerator repair. Safety glasses should be worn when you are working with tools or any appliance that could damage your eyes.

If you are unsure about performing a gas refrigerator repair, consult with a professional.