Gas vs. Electric Fireplace: 3 Things to Consider

If you are deciding between a gas or electric fireplace here are some things you should think about as you are making the decision:

1. Realistic Looking Flame

The technology for electric fireplaces has improved a great deal in recent years, but even with advances in lighting and fans, an electric fireplace does not produce a very realistic flame.

Gas fireplaces do produce a flame that looks much more realistic, since there is something actually burning in a gas fireplace. It is not as comfortable as a wood flame, but is more realistic than electric.
2. Ease of Use
While gas fireplaces are not difficult to use, electric ones are the easiest possible ones to use. Installation for the fireplace is so simple it can be done in five minutes – unpack the unit and plug it in. To use it, you simply flip a switch or press the button on a remote.

Gas requires installation of gas into the home or a new connection where you want the fireplace. Once installed, it can’t be easily moved, and you may have to light a pilot light when you want to use the fireplace.

3. Backup Heat Source
Since an electric fireplace is just another electric appliance, when the power goes out, you have no heat. With a gas fireplace, you have a backup heat source even when you don’t have power.