Gas-Powered Leaf Blower Maintenance

Keeping your gas-powered leaf blower in working order is all about how you maintain it. Proper care of your leaf blower allows you to carry on with your lawn maintenance as scheduled.


First of all, keep your hoses in good shape. The hoses on leaf blowers are usually made of plastic and are generally prone to splitting or cracking. Keep an eye on them. Reconnect loose hoses and replace worn or damaged hoses.


Store your gas-powered leaf blower engine-side-down, if you have to put it on the floor. Or hang it up on the wall. Proper storage will help prevent any breakage of the vacuum tube. Once that vacuum tube breaks, you will probably have to order a new part to replace it. The repair can get expensive.


Keep debris away from the impeller. The fan can break, thus stopping any airflow from going through the tube.

Oil and Gas

Finally, put the correct mix of oil and gas into the fuel tank of your gas-powered leaf blower. This practice will prevent any engine problems that can occur from not being properly fueled or lubricated.

As long as you keep your gas-powered leaf blower properly maintained, you should get many autumns of lawn care out of it.