Gate Spring Replacement Made Easy

What You'll Need
Gate closing spring
Marker pen

Installing a gate spring is good for the security of your property as it allows a gate to automatically close itself after someone has left it open. Installing one is typically an easy job that does not require any special knowledge.

Step 1 – Mark the Location of the Gate Spring

After unscrewing and removing the old spring, hold the new gate spring up to the gate and place marks on the gate and on the post where you are going to attach the spring with the screws. Make sure you are accurate, marking each hole carefully on the corner post and the gate.

Step 2 – Install the Spring

Drill holes through the mark using a twist drill bit suitable for the material that the gate is made out of. These will be the pilot holes for the screws. Simply screw the gate spring into place using the screws which will be provided with the product.

Step 3 – Alter the Spring Tension

Test the new spring by seeing if the gate closes automatically. If it does not, increase the spring tension by tightening the screws clockwise underneath the spring caps until you have the desired effect.