Gauge Shear vs Cement Shear Gauge Shear vs Cement Shear

A gauge shear, or a board shear, is a shearing instrument that looks much like a pair of scissors. Gauge shears are quite large; in fact, gauge shears are larger than most ordinary power shears. That said, cement shears are even bulkier than gauge shears, and as the name suggest, they are used specifically to cut cement siding.

Gauge Shears

A gauge shear has two sets of blades that apply a shear stress on an object such that it considerably surpasses the shear tolerance of the object to be cut. It also contains a stationary blade that forms the cutting edge of the table. There is a cutting arm to which the primary blade is attached. It is this blade that makes it possible to cut things that are placed on a table.

As the name suggests, gauge shears have gauges that allow the shears to make a perfect cut without applying much effort. Different shears have differently numbered gauges, based on the purpose of the shears. A typical 14 to 16 gauge shear can even cut stainless steel. Some of the advanced models of gauge shears have adjustable blades, and these can be adjusted to give burr free edges and smooth finishing. Gauge shears are excellent for metal working and can be used for any kind of metal cutting.

Gauge shears are very simple to use, even though they appear to be bulky. However, there is a particular way of using a gauge shear. If you are not able to secure the cutting arm of the shear, you will not be able to use the shear perfectly, and the cuts made will also not be clean.

Cement Shears

As mentioned before, cement shears are used only to cut through cement sidings. Further, cement shears do not resemble ordinary shears or scissors. In fact, they appear a lot like a drill machine. Although cement shears are much like a drill, they also come with a scissor-like attachment that is located right at the tip of the shears.

Cement shears do not require mechanical force unlike gauge shears; they run with electricity or batteries. Cement shears are designed in such a manner that they give a lot of control to the user. For instance, with cement shears, it is possible to make both straight cuts and round holes and curves.

Since this a power tool, the cement shears require proper safety equipment before you begin to use them. In fact, eye safety equipment is essential when using cement shears, because the cement particles with their silica content can damage the eyes. In addition, like all other power tools, cement shears have to be stored properly, away from heat and the reach of children. The tool also needs servicing from time to time and you may need to oil the drills too. Advanced cement shears have different kinds of removable attachments that can be used with the body of the drill.

Gauge Shears vs. Cement Shears

To sum up, a gauge shears requires mechanical force; whereas, a cement shear is a power tool. Further, gauge shears are similar to ordinary shears and can be used to cut through anything. Cement shears, on the other hand, can only be used on cement.

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