Gauging the Weight Limits on Your Wall Anchors

What You'll Need
Various types of wall anchors
Wall that can be covered up
Different size appliances

Wall anchors are used everyday by millions of people all around the world. Yet, each type has it its own limits on just how much weight it can support. If you need to hang something heavy and are not sure if your wall anchors can support it, you will need to test them.

Step 1 - Clear Off Wall

Clear off the wall that you will be using as a test. You may wish to place a drop cloth on the floor, to catch any debris or anything else. If you can, use a wall that is in the basement or garage wall. If you have to use a wall that is inside of your house, make sure it is a wall that either can be covered or repaired quickly. That way you do not need to worry about creating cracks in the wall.

Step 2 - Hang Different Sized Anchors

Most anchors will tell you what kind of weight they can support, but you use those only as guidelines. So start by placing them on the wall every few inches apart and on wall studs. You can locate wall studs by knocking along the wall, the less hollow the sound is means that a stud is located there.

You can place anchors up and down the area where the studs are located. Make sure to place more than one type along the walls, however. That way you can test multiple ones at once.

Step 3 - Hang Items

Begin to place different sized photos, clocks or other items that you can hang that are different weights. Take note at which amount of weight that is on them, when they start to fail. Once you notice just how much weight it takes for them to fall, do not apply any more weight onto them. This will prevent cracks and other damage that might happen otherwise to your wall.

It may make take different items of different weights to test before you can figure out for sure. Do not ever leave unsupported weights on the anchors for a period of time or else you will have major damage to the wall. So always, take them off as soon as possible. After that, you can take out the anchors.

Step 4 - Clean Up and Organize

Once the anchors have been removed, you can begin to sort and label them according to their weight. One way of doing this, is to place them in small sealable bags and tape labels on the bags. Then you can place them in a safe and secure place for easy access later on.

To clean up, you will need to sweep up the floor or if you used a cover then pick it up.

If the wall has considerable damage, take the time to either hide or repair the damage around this time. If it is in the basement or garage, you can leave it alone.


Doing this task will be time consuming and tedious, but it will give you an idea on what you can hang or cannot hang.