Gazebo Basics Gazebo Basics

Traditionally, a gazebo is a round or oval structure with a roof, but open walls. These buildings are used for resting or gathering within gardens, and are often decorated with hanging plants. To get the most out of a gazebo, consider your options and placement carefully before beginning any construction.

Gazebo Styles

For many of us, the term gazebo brings visions of white, Victorian-style buildings. For others, the flared roof of an Oriental-style gazebo fits better with the garden layout. Consider the garden layout and patio theme, and then choose a plan that meets what you want to achieve.

Gazebo Placement

Where you place a backyard gazebo will affect how often you use it. When decided on a location, be sure to have ample clearance for surrounding shrubbery and trees. Also make sure that there will not be any problems with electrical lines or other features of the terrain that can not be easily moved.

Gazebo Access

Make sure that you design the gazebo for easy access. If you want people to use and admire your outdoor entertainment space, it is important that they are able to get to it and into without interference. Open paths and strategically placed plants can direct potential visitors into the gazebo as well as helping define the theme of the garden. Remember to include a staircase if necessary and build guardrails if the structure is on any sort of incline.

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