Gazebo Canopy Replacement in 4 Steps

What You'll Need
Replacement Canopy

If you have a gazebo in your garden, then you may need to perform a gazebo canopy replacement in order to change the top of the canopy. The tops of gazebos can often become damaged, and the frame of the gazebo will often survive strong winds, while the canopy will be torn to shreds. You may also just be wanting to do a gazebo canopy replacement, perhaps to find one which is a little more bright and cheerful. Replacing the canopy is not every difficult, and so long as you have the right kinds of tools to hand, you should be able to finish this project in a few hours.

Step 1 - Finding a Replacement Canopy

If you need to replace your canopy quickly, then the best option is to use the old canopy to form a basis for the new one, and sew it yourself. Canopy tops which are sold in local stores can be unsuitable for use with your gazebo. They may not fit, or they may be designed to  be placed on different style of gazebo frames. There is nothing more annoying than struggling with a gazebo top for an hour, only to find that you have bought the wrong one. Measure your canopy top carefully, and then take the measurements to a garden center or store. You should be able to buy one which fits, or perhaps one which will fit any kind of gazebo. Make sure that it will fit as soon as you  get home.

Step 2 - Add Grommets

If your canopy does not include grommets, then you will have to fit these yourself. You can buy sets of metal grommets at your local home improvement store, and they can be simply sewn or glued to the inside of the canopy. You should glue a line down each of the parts of the canopy, ending at the edge every time. You should do this just before you are ready to install the canopy onto the gazebo.

Step 3 - Add your New Canopy

Unfold the canopy, and put it into direct sunshine, which should allow it to become a little more flexible. Take one part of the canopy and thread your rope through the metal grommets from the bottom to the top. You should leave enough space for about a foot of rope on each end of the grommets. Take your canopy, and lift it up, and over the very top of the gazebo, making sure that none of the parts get caught. You should smooth out all the bumps and lumps in your gazebo.

Step 4 - Connect the Canopy

Now you have fitted the canopy, you can attach it to the frame using the ropes. This will secure it to the gazebo. Tie the top of the rope to the top of the frame, making sure that it is tied securely. Add the bottom ropes to the edges of the frame, spread evenly across the gazebo so that it is held evenly.