GE Alarm

GE alarm systems are used residential and commercially as well as at the institutional and governmental levels. If you are shopping for a security system, it is likely for your home or small business. Meeting a wide variety of personalized needs, GE offers several security solutions that essentially let you customize the system. Choices include the overall system type, the number of entry points you need to secure and the monitoring method. Building a GE alarm system starts with the control panel. To that main component, add elements such as sensors, detectors and other accessories to complete the installation.

GE Alarm Systems

The alarm systems produced by GE for use in homes and small businesses include Simon, Allegro, Concord and NetworX or NX. GE Simon and Allegro systems are wireless, while NetworX systems are hardwired yet fully wireless expandable. Concord systems are hybrid hardwire/wireless setups that are incredibly broad in scope. Depending on the system, a GE basic alarm kit will cost you anywhere from $100 to $300 not including supplemental expansion modules, detectors and sensors.

Basic Setup

GE alarms include an initial zone capacity that is a function of the control panel. Hardwired and hybrid systems start with between 4 and 8 initial zones, while some wireless units are designed with a base of 40 zones. With expansion modules, wireless systems can effectively monitor up to 96 zones, while hardwired systems can cover 192 points of entry and/or sensory areas. In addition, you are able to partition most hardwired systems, letting you arm and disarm particular areas at will.


Many GE alarms are X10 compatible. This feature allows you to program the operation of lights, appliances and other electrical devices into the control panel. Common features include a viewable event log, menu-driven keypad interface for easy programming, 2-way communication between the premises and a central monitoring station and the capability of storing multiple user codes depending on the number of people who need access.