GE Alarm System

With a GE alarm system, from the Concord and the NX-8 series to the Allegro and Simon models, securing your personal or business property is a matter of determining the number of monitoring points that are required, selecting a product that suits your needs and installing it. Many GE alarm systems are hardwired with wireless capability. Others are built for wireless monitoring but feature initial hardwired zones. Hybrid by design, GE alarm systems are categorizable according to their primary specifications including their compatibility with X10 devices and ethernet use, initial and maximum zone capacity and the number of partitions.

GE Hardwired Alarms

GE hardwired alarm systems are wireless expandable. With a base zone capacity of 4, 6 or 8, they are expandable up to 192 zones, more than adequate for medium-sized businesses. GE alarms offer between one and 8 partitions, allowing you to arm or disarm certain zones simultaneously. X10-compatible alarms can be programmed to control lights, appliances or other electrical fixtures.

Wireless Alarms

GE wireless alarms come with an initial zone capacity ranging from 8 to 40 and allow up to 96 expanded zones. Available in single-partition systems, GE wireless alarms are effective for homes of all sizes and have a very easy installation. Features of certain GE wireless alarms include X10 compatibility, a built-in voice dialer and a control panel that doubles as the keypad, internal siren and 2-way voice communicator.