GE Home Alarm

The GE home alarm systems available to you include a number of different hardwired and wireless systems. In fact, many GE alarms are actually hybrid units incorporate both wireless and hardwired zones. At its most basic, a GE home alarm includes a control panel, programmable keypad, motion detector, siren and a transformer. Additional accessories include a backup battery pack for use should the power go out, various phone line components and entry point sensors. GE wireless systems feature a control panel that also serves as an indoor siren and a keypad.

Home Alarm Setup

Depending on the number of entry points to your home, the level of protection you seek and the type of installation you prefer, GE offers an effective home security solution. Hardwired alarm systems require a more extensive installation procedure, for cable must be strung up throughout a home. However, signal transmission is not subject to wireless disruptions with fully-wired setups. GE wired/hybrid home alarms start with 4, 6 or 8 initial zones, while wireless systems include as many as 40 zones with the basic package.

System Expansion

Once the main system is in place, GE home alarms are fully expandable. Wireless alarm systems including Concord, Simon and Allegro models feature a maximum of 20 to 96 zones, while certain hardwired systems such as the NX8E are capable of monitoring 192 zones. GE home alarms are capable of programming anywhere from 4 to 230 user codes depending on the system and how many people require access.