GE Home Alarm System

With several affordable packages available, a GE home alarm system provides your residence with exceptional security. Track movement to and from your home while protecting your property from unwanted intrusion. GE home alarm systems come in both hardwired and wireless setups. Given that there are numerous models from which to choose, narrow down your search according to specific features. Whether the alarm's initial zone capacity will suffice to secure your home or you need to expand it, GE home alarms provide the means to do so.

GE Home Alarm Options

When selecting a GE home alarm system, consider first the initial zone capacity. GE offers alarms that start with 4, 6 or 8 zones included. In other words, without expanding the system, the alarm will effectively monitor that particular number of areas. Maximum zone capability indicates just how much you can expand the alarm system. Depending on the model, GE home alarms can monitor, 48, 96 or even 192 zones.


GE home alarms are wireless expandable, meaning extra zones may be monitored without running cable. More than half of the systems are X10 compatible which allows you to sync up the alarm with lights, electric doors and appliances. In addition, many GE home alarms come with multiple partitions, a feature that lets you arm one batch of zones while disarming another.