GE Home Security Alarm

One of the most effective ways of protecting your family as well as your property is to install a GE home security alarm system. GE offers a variety of different home security solutions including hardwired and wireless setups. GE home security alarms are capable of monitoring a minimum of 4 zones or security areas. Each alarm system is expandable, however, by adding Superbus hardwire input or output modules. Depending on the system you set up, as many as 192 zones can be monitored, ideal for large homes or even businesses.

System and Components

GE home security alarms are hybrid by design, meaning they incorporate both wireless and hardwired elements. Units with built-in hardwired zones are wireless expandable, while dedicated wireless systems typically include, at minimum, a single hardwired zone. In addition to the alarm control panel which is its brain, a GE home security alarm includes and LED or LCD touchpad, metal enclosure with lock and phone line accessories. Indoor siren, motion detector and 2 door/window sensors make up a basic alarm package.


Expand your GE home security alarm by adding modules in accordance with the capability of the particular alarm. Each additional input module allows for 8 extra zones. Depending on the system employed in your home, multiple user codes are possible with various levels of authority. For smaller homes, alarm expansion may not be required, but it is an option when needed.