GE Wireless Alarm

Make home or business security a priority with a GE wireless alarm system. You have your choice of GE Simon, Concord and Allegro wireless setups. Basic systems cost between $150 and $300. With expansion modules, detectors and sensors the price will go up, but the basic kit will get you started. Among the features of certain GE wireless alarms are X10 compatibility, a built-in voice dialer and ethernet option for seamless communication. GE wireless alarms come with a minimum of 8 zones but are expandable up to 96.

GE Wireless Systems

GE Simon wireless alarms feature a control panel with a built-in siren, keypad and receiver for convenience. The Simon 3 system offers control of multiple X10 devices, programming lights and/or appliances to turn on according to a schedule or in the event of a break-in. The Allegro alarm system is great for small homes, supporting up to 20 sensors and providing 4 access codes for different users. GE Concord alarms are feature-rich hybrid systems with both hardwired and wireless zone capability. Great for businesses and larger buildings, Concord systems offer over 200 user codes.

Alarm Features

Some features of GE wireless alarm systems include on-site or remote control programming, viewable event logs for employee tracking, GE LearnMode sensor support and single-button system command. A backup battery pack ensures the alarm continues to function even if the power goes out.