GE Wireless Alarm System

A GE wireless alarm system allows you to secure the entry points to your home or business without having to bother with a messy and time-consuming installation. GE wireless alarm systems include the Concord, Allegro and Simon models. Each product offers something unique in terms of support, expansion capability and other features. Allegro wireless alarms are designed for small homes with a 20-zone maximum. GE Simon alarm systems include 26 to 40 wireless zones with a range that averages 200 feet. The Concord alarm system is a full-feature, 8-zone unit expandable up to 96 zones.

System Installation

All GE wireless alarm systems involve a much less complicated installation, but the right setup for your home or business is largely dependent on the number of entry points and users. The greater the expansion capability of a system, the bigger the structure it can monitor. The Concord 4 wireless system, with its 96 possible zones, offers 230 user access codes with varying levels of authority, making it the perfect wireless system for businesses with a sizable workforce.

Wireless Features

Compatible with GE Learn Mode sensors, securing an entry point is uncomplicated. The Concord system, in particular, will support multiple touchpads. View the event log to track employee or household movement. With the menu-driven interface, programming a GE wireless alarm system is easy, while off-site arming and disarming are possible via touchtone phone.