Gel Fireplace Insert Drawbacks

A gel fireplace insert can be very appealing since it requires no venting and can be placed virtually anywhere in a home. However, there are some drawbacks to the gel fireplace inserts to be aware of before purchasing one.

Inefficient Burning

Gel fireplace inserts are less efficient than other insert options available. Most other inserts, including coal, wood pellet and wood, burn more efficiently and warm a greater area for a greater amount of time. The gels burned in a gel fireplace insert are made of alcohol and when it burns, it adds moisture to the room. This can increase the amount of humidity within the room and could make you incomfortable.

Short Burn Times

The gel fireplace should be considered a decoration rather than a practical heating solution. Since the cans of gel last only three hours at best, they cannot even be used all night as a heat source. The gel insert should not be relied on upon as even as a secondary heat source if there is a particularly cold night because its burn time is so short.

Low Heat Output

The heat from a gel fireplace will not heat an entire room, but instead simply creates the look of a flame.The gel insert is not appropriate for a large room or full house, since they are made to heat small spaces. If you are looking for a practical heating solution for large rooms or whole houses, then a gel insert is likely not a good idea for your needs.