Gel vs Liquid Clog Remover: Which is More Effective?

Clogs are always trouble, and you may need a liquid clog remover to solve your problem. In using a chemical agent to remove clogs you have to consider a lot of things. First is your own safety, all liquid clog removers are available in the market may have elements that are harmful to your health, to your pipes or, to your septic system.

Safety Claims of Clog Removers

There are brands of liquid clog remover that claim to be safe for use on plastic materials, metal pipes, PVC, septic systems and garbage disposals. Some manufacturers claim that their products do not contain phosphorus, and that it has helpful elements that protect metal pipes from corrosion. A liquid clog remover is convenient; you can make use of it without much effort. But regardless of the manufacturers’ claims, you need to take caution when you are in the process of removing clogs using a liquid clog remover.

Precautions to be Administered When Using Clog Removers

You should always consider safety before using any kind of method in removing clogs; the things that are used for protection are gloves, a face mask that would prevent any gas or odor from being inhaled, and special glasses for eye protection. These precautionary measures are very important regardless of how safe these liquid clog remover products claims.

The Edge of the Gel Clog Remover

The gel clog removers, on the other hand, have five times the performance of the liquid clog remover. It sticks to clogs for a longer period and performs faster. Like liquid however, it is made of chemical agents. It has similar claims for safety and it is best suited in removing hair, accumulated soap residue and other hard sticking clogs. The formulation of the gel clog remover dissolves fast. The application of the gel clog remover should be treated in the same manner as the liquid clog remover since both agents are made up of chemicals. But in terms of performance, the gel clog remover is better than its liquid counterpart. It is faster and more efficient. In terms of safety, both clog removers have similar potential ill effects and the cautions that you should be aware of as well.

Environmental Consideration

To rremove clogs, you need to make a good choice on the kind of product that you will use. The practicality of removing clogs should be coupled with concern to the environment. It is not every day that you need to remove clogs; these are things that you use occasionally. Take  into consideration all the chemicals it contains because one way or another, it will come back to you. There is always a consequence in everything that is discharged into your surroundings. There are clog removers that claim the products are friendly to the environment. Those are good to use, but you should still use these things in moderation.