General Rules for Building a Sump Pump Basin

Before a sump pump can be installed, a sump pump basin needs to be prepared. There are a few things you need to know before you embark on this project.

Water Lines

To create a basin, you must dig a hole in the basement floor. It's easy to break through a water line, causing a lot of problems. Before you start planning for your pump location, determine the location of the water main under your home so that you can plan accordingly.


Find a location that is already close to existing plumbing and electrical lines. That way you can avoid more work later by eliminating the need to install new connections.

The area you dig will need to be approximately 6-inches wider than the base of the actual pump basin. The space will allow you enough clearance to add concrete around the basin to secure it. It will also allow enough room for the concrete to dry flush with the floor.

Fill the Area Surrounding the Basin

While concrete is popular to use securing the basin, gravel works well too. Gravel will allow the basin to remain secure, while still allowing you to remove the basin for repairs in the future.