General Tools Needed to Install a Deadbolt Lock

The general tools needed to install a deadbolt lock are a combination square, a drill with assorted bits and a hammer and chisel. Installing this type of lock is easily done with patience, and will give you a satisfying, secure feeling once you send that bolt home for the night. The total job should take no more than one or one and a half hours at the most.


Deadbolt locks come with precise instructions, measurement diagrams and several parts and screws. Before doing anything else, read the directions thoroughly. Make sure you understand how the lock fits into the door, how the bolt fits into the lock and generally how things go together. To facilitate installation your deadbolt will come with a template so you can easily drill the required holes for its installation.


Affix the template to the face of the door(where the doorknobs are located) and outline where to drill the holes required for installation of the deadbolt cylinder. Use a combination square frequently to ensure that all your holes are level and centered on the door and door jamb. Before drilling your hole, place a piece of scrap wood on the other side of the door, clamp it tightly and drill your hole. This scrap wood will allow you to drill a clean hole through the door without the drill bit causing splinters when it emerges from the other side.

Next, again following directions carefully, drill a smaller hole through the edge of the door towards the hole that went through the face of the door. This hole needs to be level, as it must allow the locking bolt to move freely through the wood of the horizontal hole and into the locking cylinder. At this point it would be good to "dry fit" the cylinder and locking bolt so that you can align and affix the strike plate into which the locking bolt will fit when you lock the door. Use the hammer and chisel to chop out wood from the door jamb and screw in the strike plate. When you are satisfied that the locking bolt will easily fit into the striking plate, you will have to drill, or chisel away the wood inside the strike plate to facilitate the bolt being able to pass through it into the door jamb.

Final Notes

Before final assembly be sure to lightly oil all moving parts. Begin final assembly by making sure the cylinder with the keyhole is on the outside of the door and the cylinder with the latch is on the inside (this won't matter if your lock has keyholes on both sides). Next, make sure the locking bolt that has the rounded side faces in and the flat side faces out. Screw the two large screws that go through the locking bolt into the outer cylinder and screw the locking bolt face frame into the edge of the door. The final step is to insert your key into the cylinder, turn it and send the locking bolt home. Everything should line up and work smoothly.