Gentleman's Bedroom Gentleman's Bedroom

Even though there are many highly-respected men in the field of interior design, it remains a female-dominated profession. Add to that the fact that interior design clients are more likely to be women, and you can see why many of the styles tend to be on the more feminine side.

So we've chosen a decidedly masculine bedroom to look at.

Looking at this room through the lens of the Sheffield Guidelines to Interior Design - function, mood, and harmony - we'll see just why it works so well.

First, let's examine the function of the room. Like any bedroom, this one must serve several functions: it must provide a quiet respite from the world, it must offer a place comfortable for reading, and it must be conducive to romantic moments.

Here, we see that this room fulfills all its required functions. The bedside lamp supplements the natural light from the window so that a person can read in bed, and the bookshelves behind the headboard provide a space for stories, books and photographs. We would just change one thing: we'd add another lamp for the other side of the bed.

The bench at the foot of the bed is also quite functional; here, we see it used for the spray of rose petals and a laptop computer. You may have more practical purposes in mind, such as a spot to throw a lap blanket or a place to drop a robe. But the important point to remember is that putting a bench, a low dresser, or a hope chest at the foot of a bed can complete the look of any bedroom, whatever the style.

In terms of the mood of this room, this room is masculine and soothing, modern and sedate. The mood is drawn from the dark leather headboard, the simple use of color, and the plain sisal carpet. The room is dark due to the headboard, but the light carpeting brightens it, and the use of the neutral tones adds to the sedate mood.

Finally, in terms of harmony, nothing is out of place here. The neutrals work to bring the whole look together, and the few accents of red in the background add a bit of heightened interest, without disrupting the room's unity. All the furnishings here are contemporary, but they're contemporary in a way that lends itself to becoming classics, as they follow the cues of classic furniture.

All in all, this room bespeaks of romance without being frilly or overly feminine. The rose petals and laptop computer immediately bring to mind a story behind the photo, one in which the man who inhabits this room has found himself a lucky lady. We're sure that in part she was drawn to his good sense of design.

Reprinted with permission from the Sheffield School of Interior Design

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