Geraniums in Containers: Watering Guide

Geraniums are an excellent choice for any home or garden. The following guide provides watering needs for all types, whether they are pelargonium – scented geranium – or true geraniums. Though it focuses on potted plants, this guide will work for planted geraniums as well.

Basic Water Requirements

Geraniums are a drought tolerant plant. Whether you are planting scented or true types, the requirements are the same. Plants should be watered regularly. However, overwatering causes rot. Let soil dry out completely between watering. 

Hot Weather

If the weather is hot, or you live in an arid climate, check your geraniums often. Outdoor potted plants dry out much faster in hot weather and will require more frequent watering.   

Soil, Drainage and Fertilizers

Geraniums do best in aerated soils that drain easily. Use a mix of perlite, peat moss and garden soil. Only pot them in containers that have drainage holes. 

If your pot has a catch pan, drain excess water off a few minutes after watering. Do not let your plant's roots sit in water as they rot easily. Geraniums like rich soils and are heavy feeders. Feed them regularly while watering. 

Follow this watering guide and you are sure to have happy geraniums all season long.