Germinate a Black Locust Tree Seed

The black locust tree occurs in nature abundantly, as it propagates rather easily. In fact, its spread has become a minor problem in some areas. The natural distribution of the black locust tree was originally on the lower Appalachian Mountain slopes of the southeastern United States. It also spread north on the slopes and edges of the forest in southern Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri.

It is often planted to take advantage of the qualities of its hardwood and is said to be the most planted tree in North America. It also serves the purpose of providing nectar for honeybees and material for wooden fence posts.

It successfully reproduces through root suckering, making it an easy tree to germinate and plant your own.

Germinating the Seed

Germinating a black locust tree seed is similar to the process of germinating seeds of other trees. Simply soak the seeds in water before germination, and place the seeds in moistened soil in a plastic bag.

Keep it Cool

Place the plastic bag in a refrigerator until sprouts appear, then transplant the sprouts to a growing container. Once you have transplanted the sprouts, water the seeds occasionally to ensure proper growth. After the plants reach a certain size you can transplant them outdoors.