Germinating Marigold Seeds


It is easy to germinate marigold or tagetes seeds. These plants are fast-growing so long as they are kept at temperatures between 70 and 75 degrees. Because of this, it may be best to grow and germinate these plants indoors during winter months and then transplant them outside when the weather breaks.

Which Conditions Are Best?

If growing inside, you will not need to worry about temperatures very much. Marigold seeds will germinate just fine at room temperature. They need plenty of air in the soil mixture in order to grow properly, so do not bury the seeds too deep during initial planting. For best germination, plantin an area with high humidity.

After Germination

Once the seedling breaches the surface of the soil, it does not need a lot of light to continue growing. Keep the plants at least a foot away from fluorescent lighting, and do not place them near a north facing window. The plant needs moderate to full sunshine once transplanted outside, so an area that receives partial shade during the day will be adequate.