Get an Automatic Sprinkler System Get an Automatic Sprinkler System

Automatic sprinkler systems are one of the ways in which a homeowner can not only add value to their landscaping, but also maintain their lawn and garden in a cost efficient and economical manner.

Cost Containment
One of the largest advantages to installing an automatic sprinkler system is that they allow a homeowner to more closely control how much water they use and when they turn on the water. Far too often, homeowners who use an old fashioned manual sprinkler forget that they have the sprinkler on. This results in the water not only being left on too long, but that the garden is flooded.

Sprinkler Timing

Automatic sprinklers are usually tied in with an automatic timer system, which allows the homeowner not only to control how long each sprinkler zone is watered, but the times and days of the weeks the sprinklers turn on. As more communities attempt to control when homeowners are able to use their sprinklers, automatic sprinklers make more and more sense.

Many homeowners find that they can install an automatic sprinkler system themselves over a weekend. Although this is a project that requires a great deal of digging and some planning for the different zones, it is not a difficult project. The help of an assistant can make the project move along more quickly.

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