Getting A Urine Stain Out Of Wood Flooring Getting A Urine Stain Out Of Wood Flooring

What You'll Need
Pet Stain Removal Solution
Wood Stain
Old Rags
Polyurethane Sealant

Urine stains can appear on your wood flooring in the same way that they can appear on carpeting. Here are some steps that you can take to eliminate urine stains and the resulting smell. If you can address the stain before it has an opportunity to penetrate the wood, you will be in a much better position to eliminate any future odors. If not, there are some additional steps that you will need to take to completely rid your home of urine stains.


Step 1: Apply a Detergent Solution to the Stain

The sooner that you can attack urine stain the better. Use a solution of water and ammonia upon discovery of a new stain and wipe the area completely and thoroughly. One application should be sufficient to remove the stain and prevent it from penetrating the wood surface.

Be sure to wash the area completely with the solution and dry it with rags in order to prevent any penetration of the stain.

Step 2: Strip the Wood

For stains that have already penetrated the wood surface or have been resident since you purchased the home, you will need to sand and strip the wood to eliminate the urine stains. Use sandpaper to completely sand the area where the stain originated. Confine your sanding to the area only in order to reduce the amount of labor necessary to prepare the floor for staining and refinishing.

Step 3: Restain the Floor

After you have removed the old stain and sanded the floor bare, apply a matching stain coat. It is possible that sanding the floor will cause it to appear differently than the rest of the floor. If this is the case, have the entire floor refinished.

Apply 2 coats of stain to the sanded area, making sure that the first coat dries before the second application. Use a rag instead of a brush to apply the stain to the area, working with the wood grain slowly to apply the stain. This will help the stain penetrate the wood and cover the area in which the offending order resided.

Step 4: Apply a Polyurethane Seal

Once the stain has been applied, seal the stain with a polyurethane sealant. This will help protect the wood and stain finish as well as provide a protective barrier against future stains. Allow the sealant to set and dry after application to complete the process.

Step 5: Wash the Floor

Prepare a warm wash of soap and water to clean the floor. After it dries, use a wood oil or soap in order to provide a gloss finish and make the stain application look uniform. Allow the floor to dry.

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