Getting Rid of New Carpet Fumes

Everyone loves the feel of walking on new carpet. However, when you get new carpet installed, you may notice some undesirable fumes in the house as well. Here are a few things to consider about carpet fumes.


The first thing that you need to realize is that new carpet does not put off toxic fumes. There have not been any cases where the fumes from carpet contributed to any health problems. In the old days, some of the chemicals could be considered dangerous. However, now the carpet industry is under some pretty strict guidelines on what they can and can not use. Therefore, it might be annoying for a little bit, but it should not hurt you. 

Open Windows

If you notice carpet fumes after installation, you will want to open the windows and doors for a little while to air out the space. Allow as much ventilation as possible in order to get the fumes out quickly.


In addition to opening the windows and doors, you could also utilize fans to get the air moving out quickly. If you have an attic fan, this would be a great time to utilize it. The more air circulation you have, the quicker the fumes will be gone.