Gilmour's Flexogen: The Best Hose You'll Ever Buy?

As DIYers, the quality of our tools is important. We check out reviews, compare prices, and turn to trusted friends for personal experience. It helps knowing you have the right tool for the job when you start a new project – it’s often a much needed confidence booster. But for every DIYer with a tool shed full of the latest and greatest stuff, odds are there is a budget and dilapidated hose sitting in their front yard.

The team at DIY is no exception to this mistake. It seems like every season one of us is replacing a damaged hose, and a budget decision that was supposed to be saving us money was really adding up.

Enter the Gilmour Flexogen.

A good hose needs to strike a balance between durability and ease of use. To determine if the Flexogen is worthy of your purchase, we test drove it through a series of common hose problems in our yard.


To say this hose is durable is like saying the ocean is wet. While most hoses use a maximum of six layers, the Flexogen ups the ante with eight different layers for added protection against bursting and an increase in the hose’s life expectancy.

The real difference between eight layers and only six.

They don’t stop there, however. Gilmour utilizes something called a “tri-extrusion construction process” where three layers of the hose are extruded at the same time. We have no idea what that means, but the end result is a sturdier hose for temperatures as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s not exactly crucial for those of us out in scorching Southern California, but it is a handy addition for you cold climate folks.

Ease of Use

Now, with all this durability, you might think the hose is a tank to maneuver around the yard, making poor old Grandma suffer when all she wants to do is water her daisies. Don’t worry, Grams! By using a lightweight build and a layer of oxygen-infused foam, the Flexogen’s weight is greatly reduced and its flexibility increased. This means less hang-up when navigating around the many obstacles you’ll find in your yard.

The Driveway Test

If you’re like us, you’ve run over your hose from time to time, sometimes hitting the couplings, resulting in an unexpected trip to the hardware store. The Flexogen solves this problem by using crush-resistant brass couplings. Now you don’t have to worry if someone in your family washes their car and then leaves the hose in the driveway.

Looks good!

No dents or warping. It retained its shape and had no problem threading onto the water faucet. Looks like it passes the driveway test!

Working out the Kinks

Nothing is worse than having to work out kinks in your hose every few minutes when all you want to do is water the garden instead of running back and forth like you’re in a Crossfit competition.

Fortunately for us, the Flexogen uses unique layers of spiral-wrap and knit-wrap nylon to help reduce this problem, and from our testing, it definitely works.

Final Verdict

Overall, we were extremely pleased with the Flexogen. It's true that living in a hotter climate, we weren't able to take full advantage of some of its cold weather features, but it excelled at everything we threw at it and has earned a place in our yards.

Did we mention it has some pretty awesome attachments?