Girder Girder

Although we encounter at least one girder every day, we may not recognize it. A girder is a support beam that is most commonly used in construction. You will be able to see them by looking up into an exposed ceiling of a large building. Each girder will stretch from one side of the ceiling to the other, parallel to the ones beside it. Every girder used in construction is made out of a sturdy metal, making them very heavy.

They are used in many modern buildings and bridges for support systems, and they come in several different shapes and sizes:

  • I Beam Cross Section – Built for strength, the I beam cross section looks like a gigantic “I” shaped beam from the side.
  • Box Shape - Commonly used for modern bridges.
  • Z Shape - An alternative to the “I” shaped girder.

The Warren Type Girder

The Warren type girder was invented in 1848. The form is one of the only of its kind that is light and super strong. It is made by joining long beams to inverted equilateral triangles. The triangles make sure that no part of the girder is put under more stress than another, making it one of the strongest of its kind.

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