3 Tips to Give Stone a Wet Look

Stone patio floors.

Stone is a popular choice in many applications, such as flooring, countertops, and even some walls. Many people like the slick look of wet stone. Since it’s not generally a good, or practical idea to leave your floors or counters wet to achieve this look. Here are some ways you can give your stone a wet look without keeping it wet.

Polyurethane Coating

Stones on the ground.

A polyurethane coating is probably the most popular way to achieve a wet look with stone. This sealant is applied with a brush or a spray gun. Once it dries, the coating gives the stone a glossy finish making it appear wet. You can also choose the type of look you are going for by choosing different finishes with the sealant.

Silicone Spray

Silicone will penetrate the stone and give it a shiny, wet look. To achieve the desired wet look, you only need to spray the silicone on to the surface and allow enough time for it to dry. The downside to using silicone is that it’s not a permanent solution. It will evaporate with time. If the stone is looking dull, you will need to reapply the spray.

Misting Outdoor Stone

A stone fire pit.

If you have a stone wall or other stone elements in your landscaping, you can look to install a simple misting system to give the stone a wet look. These misters will generally just hook up to your garden hose and will spray a slight mist over the stone to make it glisten. Although you might want to consider the impact of water usage on your bills and your state and local water conservation efforts.

Any of these three options will give your stone a glossy, wet look, adding interest to your floors, counters, and walls.