Glass Block Bar Design Tips

No matter where you intend to install it, you will find that a glass block bar can make a stylish addition to your home. Considering these tips during the design and installation to be assured of the best result.


If you have limited space in which to install a glass block bar, consider using a curved line in the design. In addition to using less room when positioned against a straight wall, a curved bar will also allow for the bar to be fitted into the corner of a room.


Using patterns in the process of constructing a glass block bar is a great way to create a unique design. Fitting colored glass blocks at regular intervals between the clear glass ones is an easy way to achieve a pattern. This method can also be utilized to form letters that will personalize the bar with a name.


In order to create storage space behind the glass block bar, shelves can be created with the use of more glass blocks. The extra space will help you to continue the theme and design so that it looks the same in the back as it does from the front.