Glass Block Basement Windows: Design Tips Glass Block Basement Windows: Design Tips

Glass block basement windows can add a beautiful dimension to your home. Indeed, glass blocks anywhere in your home are highly attractive, but for basements, they are particularly useful. They are a safe and bright way of bringing light to a possibly dull basement.

Blocks with an Air Vent

Some people have opted for having glass blocks as a surround for a small opening air vent, which looks more like a window. The glass blocks are mortared in with either cement mortar or silicone, and a gap is left for a regular window style air vent. Alternatively, there is a vent with extractor fans, which can be opened for ventilation. Basements can accept any style of glass block, from clear, to iceberg, or ‘Pristal’, which looks like tiny pyramids sticking out from the glass.

Sizes for All Occasions

Most glass blocks range in size from 4” x 8” up to “8 x 8”, for residential use. You can opt for the smaller style glass blocks and have a more decorative look. They do come with different colors, patterns and designs. If you have a bathroom in your basement, you might like the idea of having frosted glass so that you can’t be seen from the outside. Glass blocks can also be manufactured inside frames for easier installation.

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