Glass Block Bathroom Window Design Tips Glass Block Bathroom Window Design Tips

A glass block bathroom window is a popular window option for bathrooms. It offers privacy as well as versatility when it comes to design. Also, having a glass block bathroom window is cheaper than installing traditional windows.


Keep your glass block window design simple. If you have an existing window, just fill in the window space with glass blocks. Glass blocks come in various patterns and styles such as iceberg, clear, pristal and wave. A clean and simple glass block bathroom window design is both elegant, practical and functional.

Play with Styles

Glass blocks are available in classic square and rectangular blocks as well as hexagonal, circular and arching glass blocks. Play around with the various glass block shapes and styles. You can also use different colors for each glass block.

Used Hand Painted or Etched Glass Blocks

Glass blocks that are hand painted or etched are available for purchase at your local home improvement depot. Choose from a variety of designs like flowers, vines, landscape and abstract. There is typically a wide range of design options that you can use for your glass block bathroom window.

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