Glass Block Shower Building: 4 Tips

glass block

A glass block shower is a stylish way to bring both light and privacy into the shower area. Glass block is a beautiful solution for a bathroom upgrade; however, building a glass block shower is a lengthy and complicated process. Here are 4 tips to help you.


It's important to make a detailed plan before you begin building your glass block shower. You cannot cut the glass blocks if they do not fit right. Work out the shape and design of your shower, then get your measurements and choose a base or shower pan. Select the size glass block you want to use and figure out how many you will need to fill in the space. You will need are common blocks, finish ends, and corners.

Prefabricated Sections

It takes skill and a lot of time to place glass blocks individually. If the glass blocks aren't laid properly, it could lead to water damage and broken blocks. To avoid that, consider using prefabricated glass block sections to build your glass block shower. You can get them in many different styles and sizes, so it should be easy to find something to suit your needs. Prefabricated sections are heavy.

Choosing a Base or Shower Pan

You have 3 basic choices for your shower pan or a base. The highest quality base is one made from extruded polystyrene foam (XPS). XPS is 100% waterproof. A base made from XPS can be customized to fit your bathroom, and it can be installed quickly.

Acrylic bases are quick to install and easy to maintain, but they only comes in a few sizes. You can't get them customized and it can be hard to find one that will fit perfectly into the bathroom.

You can also have a mud set base pan poured on site. With a base of this type, you can lay granite, marble, or tile over it. Unfortunately, this type of base takes the most amount of time to install, and it is very messy. Even the smallest error will cause leaks.

When to Seek Professional Help

If you are not remodeling an existing bathroom, then you need to call a plumber to run the water lines for you. Building a glass block shower is complicated and not something a beginner should attempt. You could wind up with leaks or damaged blocks, which will extend the project and cost more money.