Glass Block Windows: Prefab vs Build Your Own Glass Block Windows: Prefab vs Build Your Own

Glass block windows are a great decorative touch. No matter what you will be using the glass block window for, your first major decision will be between a prefab and a custom built window. Your decision depends on both the project itself and your confidence as a handyman. Keeping a few things in mind, head out to the local hardware store to see what’s available. 

Project Design

Make a few rough sketches of your project and then begin shopping for your glass block window. The local hardware store may have exactly what you need, or a few slight alterations might be necessary to use a prefab window in your project. Your design may be too fancy, forcing you to either rethink your project or build your glass block window yourself. 

Project Measurements

Factory built glass block windows come in regular measurements. Make sure you take this into account when designing your project if you want to use prefab. Remember that it is easier to cut single glass blocks than an entire window. Understanding this before you begin framing your glass block window will help you decide between custom and prefab windows. 

Ease of Installation

Unless you have a lot of bricklaying experience, building your custom glass brick window can be a challenge. Blocks in a prefab window will always be even and parallel, giving you a much more professional look. Remember that prefab is always easier to install than a custom built window. A prefab glass block window will be a standard size that you can slip into a window frame.

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