Glass Door Handle Options Glass Door Handle Options

When considering hardware for your door a glass door handle is a decorative option that can be either traditional or contemporary in design.

Victorian Crystal Door Handles

Crystal door knobs set on oil-rubbed bronze or polished brass hardware is a traditional, vintage  look associated with Victorian rooms with crown molding and ornate furniture. The glass is usually beveled and can either be clear or colored. The hardware behind it can be ornate as well with syles ranging from simple beading to a complex rosette. When set on a simple polished nickle plate Victorian crystal can take on a more contemporary look.

Contemporary Glass Door Handles

When the cut glass is replaced by a smooth, oval-shaped glass knob set on unadorned polished nickle or chrome hardware the glass door handle can make a very modern statement. The glass itself is translucent and comes in many designer colors.

Often manufacturers will allow you to customize your glass door handle by allow you to mix and match different knobs with different hardware, making the door you walk through truly your own.  

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