Glass Glue

Glass glue is designed to bond glass instantly to other glass as well as to other materials including paper, ceramic, metal and wood. When gluing glass, it is almost always necessary for it dry clear, so for this a special type of glass glue is required. Ultra violet glass glue is a particular type which dries clear and cures or hardens in UV light. Placing materials joined by glass glue under a UV lamp is the best way for the glue to cure, although sitting them in direct sunlight will work as well, although it will take longer. 

Glass Glue Specifications

UV glass glue is the best adhesive when joining glass to glass or a mirror. It does not dry with a yellowish color, has little odor and has a low water absorption level. UV glass glue may also be used to bond glass to metal or glass to plastic. The base material of UV glass glue is acrylated resin that consists of 100% solids without solvents. Glass glue is only a mild skin irritant. 

Curing Glass Glue

A special ultra violet lamp may be used to cure glass glue, although direct eye contact with the lamp should be avoided. UV protective sunglasses should be worn if in close proximity to the curing light. UV glass glue should not be used on materials exposed to water as the bond will fail after time.