Glass Mantel Shelf Pros and Cons

A glass mantel shelf can draw attention to your mantel without destructing the room. Mantel shelves made of glass are not common but provide a good aesthetic option from the common wood and marble types. When you decide to put a glass shelf on your mantel, you will have to consider the pros and cons outlined below.

Pros of a Glass Mantel Shelf

A glass mantel shelf is less conspicuous and blends into any type of décor in your home. It will also draw attention directly to the decorations placed on the shelf. In addition, the shelf allows for the use of creative lighting to highlight your mantel. Mantel glass shelves are made form tempered glass, which makes them strong enough to handle the decorations you put on your shelf and to last a long time. A glass shelf is also very easy to clean and maintain.

Cons of Glass Mantel Shelf

While a glass mantel shelf is strong, it is still prone to shattering if knocked. Once a small piece of the shelf cracks, the whole shelf crumbles. Unlike other types of glass, tempered glass is ideal for mantel shelves because if it breaks it shatters into small pieces and not large, sharp ones.