Glass Scratch Repair Glass Scratch Repair

Glass scratch repair is a common useful skill that can often tackle a frustrating problem. You may find a scratch on eye glasses, tables, windows and more. Many scratches are small but noticeable, and constitute a nuisance. Here are a few quick steps you can take to get that glass scratch out.

  1. Daub some polishing compound onto a buffing pad. Apply it to the affected glass scratch area with circular motions.
  2. After about 8-10 circular motions, pull the buffing pad away to look at it. Check to see if the scratch is coming out or if you are making any progress.
  3. For the next step, mix 2 quarts water and 2 ounces of ammonia to make a solution you will use to wipe the compound off the glass with. You should use something soft like a sponge for this step. 
  4. After you wipe away the compound, dry the glass with a towel. Make sure it is lint-free so it does not leave anything behind or embedded in the scratch.

The buffing with the compound should at least minimize the scratch if not completely take it away. A deeper glass scratch should be buffed out by a professional. Of course, the best way to treat scratches is to prevent them, so consider placing protective materials on your glass or make use of rubber pads on the bottoms of items that come in contact with your glass, such as items on a glass table.

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