Glass Staircase: A Unique Design Element Glass Staircase: A Unique Design Element

A glass staircase is certainly an eye-catcher in anyone's home. It is something that most people don't see everyday. If you are considering getting one for your place, think about the pros and cons listed below.

Benefits of a Glass Staircase

Of course, the unique factor is something that makes glass staircases desirable. In getting this sort of setup for your home, you can almost guarantee that it will be a different feature than just about anyone else on the block. Glass has a modern feel to it that really fits into new homes, yet it is versatile enough to work in existing structures as well.

Glass can also help a room feel a lot bigger because it doesn't have the same bulky look as traditional wood stairs. The transparent quality of the glass allows viewers to see the space for what it really is.

Disadvantages of a Glass Staircase

The problem with glass is that it is not as durable as wood in many regards. Sure, the glass used for the staircases is reinforced significantly to prevent cracking, but you still have to recognize cracking as a possibility. Glass is also a lot harder to keep clean. Dirt, grease and general foot muck will show up. Expect to clean a lot more with this design element. Overall, the look may very well be worth the work. That decision is yours alone.

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