Glass Table Glass Table

A glass table is actually a table which always comes in two parts – the glass table base, and the glass table top. Glass table bases come in any number of styles and materials, modern and traditional, metal, wood, plastic, and even heavier glass bases.

Glass Table Top Types

Glass table tops include such types as Square, round, boat, hexagon, octagon, kidney, demi-lune (half-moon) serpentine, oval, surfboard, circle, rectangle, racetrack oval and others.

The glass table has two distinct qualities that differentiate it from wood or metal tables. The glass table can be seen through, so it adds a sense of openness to a room, making a small room seem larger. The glass table also allows for light to flow through the room more easily. The other quality a glass table has is its “easy to clean” characteristic.

A glass table can be washed with water or sprayed with cleaner, and never needs to be worried about, in terms of stains or water rings.

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