Glass Tile Backsplash Ideas: 9 Design Ideas

When installing a new glass tile backsplash, ideas are only limited to your creativity. This article will describe 9 design ideas for you to consider when creating your new and unique glass tile backsplash.

1. All Clear Glass Tile - Surface Mounted

The first idea to be presented here is one of the simplest. You can surface mount the glass tiles on the wall to create your backsplash.

2. Colored Glass Tile - Surface Mounted - 1 Color

The next design idea is also a very simple idea. To create your own unique glass tile backsplash, you can use all colored tiles of the same color.

3. Colored Glass Tile - Surface Mounted - Various Colors

The next backsplash design idea is to create some sort of picture using a variety of colored and multi-colored glass tiles.

4. Alternate Glass and Porcelain Tiles

Using any pattern that you think looks good, you can use both clear and colored glass tiles along with colored porcelain tiles to create a unique design. There are also tiles that have patterns painted in them that you can use to create larger and more intricate designs.

5. Alternate Through and Through with Surface Mount

When creating a backsplash in an island or bar type counter, one great idea is to use glass tiles that are designed as cubes and mounting them through and through so that they are usable as a type of window or light transmission source. Be as creative as you can with this design idea. You can alternate completely clear with smoked and various colors. There are also glass tile cubes with designs and colors embedded in the glass. This is one design idea where you can really make a statement with the various types of glass cubes available.

6. All Clear Glass Cube Tiles

Another interesting glass tile backsplash idea is to use all glass cube tiles. Glass cube tiles can be used as a type of distortion creating window. When the lighting is right, it can create interesting effects.

7. Designer Glass Cubes

As stated before, there are a variety of designer glass cubes available. These designer cubes are multi-colored, come in a variety of solid colors as well as having designs and pictures embedded in the cubes themselves. This particular design idea is one that is itself limited only by the limits of your imagination. Anything you can imagine, you can design using glass cube tiles.

8. Paint the Glass Tiles

If you can’t find designs that fit your tastes or design idea at the store, try using acrylic paints to create the pictures you want. Even using acrylic paints, you will most likely need to refresh the paintings every few years to keep it bright and full colored.

9. Etch and–or Paint Glass Tiles

The last backsplash design idea is to etch or etch and paint designs and pictures onto the glass tiles. Etching will create roughness in the surface of the glass which will allow the acrylic paint to stick for much longer. This means it won’t need refreshing as much.