Glazed Front Door Security and Privacy Tips Glazed Front Door Security and Privacy Tips

If your house has a glazed front door, you may want to boost its security features. Home security is one of the major concerns of many homeowners; throughout the years, the number of theft, burglary and robbery cases in private homes has risen. Alarming figures during hard economic times has led more and more families to find ways to make their homes secure. Homes with glazed front doors are prone to break-ins because these doors typically have portions of transparent glass.

One of the main reasons homeowners use glazed doors is for decorative purposes. Glazed doors are also used to light up the interior of the house during day time. There are glazed doors with large glass areas in order to generate maximum light. However, the glass feature of the door may raise privacy issues. But there are ways to make your glazed door secure and keep the privacy of your house. It is important for homeowners to realize when purchasing a glazed front door that there are a variety of types; there are single, dual, and triple glazed types of doors.

Double Glaze Your Front Door

This basically means having two panes of glass instead of only one. Between the two panes is a vacuum that insulates outside elements such as noises. Double glazing your front door will also help address privacy issues. It will prevent outsiders from seeing the interior of the house easily. Aside from privacy and security reasons, a double glazed front door also protects your floors, furniture and rugs from damages caused by ultraviolet rays (UV) from the sun. During winter, double glazed doors also helps homeowners cut down on their heating bills because it keeps the cold air outside.

Install Good Quality Locks

Keep in mind that the most susceptible part of your house is your front door, more so if it is a glazed door. After leaving the house, your front door is the entry point which you usually need to secure. Just like any other types of doors, a glazed front door should also be installed with strong and quality locks in order to prevent forced entry. Glazed doors are quite weak compared to solid wood and metal core doors. It is recommended to use a deadlocking rim lock; consider using only a keyed lock instead of one with a knob in case someone attempts to break the glass to open the lock. External shutters are also great security features that can keep your home protected from vandals.

Fix the Door Strongly to the Wall

Even the strongest locks will end up useless if the frame is poorly fitted to the walls. It is vital that the glazed front door is strongly fixed to the walls making sure that there are no gaps in between. If there are gaps between the frame and the wall, the door lock and security system will be weak.

Setting Up Metal Security Grills

Glazed front door security can also be improved by installing metal security grills. These are basically conventional bars or ornamental wrought iron construction. If these can’t be hung separately, you can add more hinges in order to absorb the extra weight. It is also important to fix the frame strongly so it can take the extra weight.

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