Glazing Compound Glazing Compound

Removing a glazing compound from a window can be easy. You should be aware though, that if the window is older the glazing compound might have some lead in it. When dealing with unknown substances you should take proper precautions by wearing a proper dust mask.

The glazing compound may be hard or it may be powdery. If it's powdery the job should be easy. In the case of it being hard you will want to work at both sides of the panel and try to scrape it out.
If some of the cement is still on the glass you will want to stand it perpendicular to a bench and scrape away from you.

Tips for Removing Glazing Compound

  • Watch for orange flecks. If you see them they are toxic so take extra precautions.
  • Wear a dust mask, especially if you see the orange flecks by the glazing compound.
  • If you run into lead use lead snips to pull it away from the glass.
  • If the glass is painted you will want to keep all scrapers away from it.
  • Take your time when removing the glazing compound. If it's hard it could take a little longer than you may have expected.


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